Board Nomination Procedures

Elections Timeline

  • Call for Nominations – September 1 through November 15
  • Congratulation notices and requests for information to nominees – November 30
  • Nominee Packets to Committee to determine top 10 for interviews pre- Winter Conference – December 15; Deadline for determination – January 5
  • Congratulations notices to nominees selected for interview with date and time – January 10
  • Interviews conducted and final slate determined pre- Winter Conference
  • Election notices to membership and surveys for voting on recommended slate – April 1-30
  • Approved slate of candidates inducted at Convention

Overview of the Entire Process

Step 1 - A call is made to the current Board of Directors, Past Presidents and NSA membership for nominations for Board of Directors candidates. Generally, there will be a variety of nominations both in the form of self-nominations and members nominating other members. Current Board Members whose term is ending must declare (re-election is not automatic).

Step 2 - All nominees are contacted to congratulate them on their nomination, to review their understanding of the election process and to confirm they are willing to accept the nomination. Once they accept, they are sent a questionnaire that allows them to provide an overview of their qualifications for being considered for Board Membership.

Step 3 - Questionnaires are sent to the Board Nominating Committee. The Committee members are tasked with selecting 10 candidates to interview in-person. The top 10 candidates are then invited to an in-person interview that is held immediately preceding the Winter Conference.

Step 4 - Immediately following the interviews, the Committee will identify a slate of five (5) candidates to be presented to the NSA membership for approval. All candidates are contacted by the CEO or the Chair of the Committee to advise whether they are being recommended as part of the slate or not before any further announcements are made. Once all candidates have been personally notified, the CEO provides an update to the current Board.

Step 5 – Messaging is created for distribution in Speaker magazine and other communications for presentation of the slate, along with instructions on how to become a write-in nominee.

Step 6 – Once the time period for write-in nominees has passed, a notice to the NSA membership (as of January 1st of the election year) is sent with instructions for voting the slate. A minimum of 10% of eligible membership is required to ratify the voting process.

Step 7 – Upon ratification, the new Board Members are announced to the NSA membership via multiple resources.

Preparing Newly Elected Board Members

1. Successful Candidates are congratulated.

2. New Board Members are:

  • Sent the Orientation Manual or link to portal with documents.
  • Invited to attend an Orientation Session/Webinar.
  • Assigned a current Board Member as a mentor.

3. New Board Members should receive a check-in call from :

  • Their assigned mentor before the meeting.
  • A member of the Leadership Team before the July Board Meeting.

4. New Board Members are invited to attend the July Board Meeting as observers. This includes attendance at:

  • Optional Informal Board Reception (usually the evening before the Board convenes).
  • New Board Member orientation breakfast (usually Thursday morning before the Board Meeting).
  • Board Meeting (usually Thursday and Friday before the annual Convention starts).
  • New Board Member Q&A lunch (usually the Friday afternoon immediately following the Board Meeting).
  • Board dinner (usually Thursday night after day one of the Board Meeting).

5. New Board Members are sworn in at the Business Meeting held during the annual Convention.

Future Board Nominations

All Board Members should observe the NSA Membership and prepare to make nominations for serving on the Board of Directors.

  • Consider candidates to nominate.
  • Approach them about their interest level.
  • Review the election process as well as the commitment and investment requirements with potential nominees.
  • Submit their name if they understand the commitment and investment requirements and express interest.
  • Submit names through the established nominations process in November.

Meeting Requirements for all Board Members

1. Attend November Strategic Planning Session and Board Meeting, near NSA Headquarters in Tempe, AZ (usually held the week before Thanksgiving). This includes attendance at the following events:

  • Optional Informal Board Reception (usually Tuesday night).
  • Required Strategic Planning Session and (usually held Wednesday-Thursday all day).
  • Optional Board Dinner (usually Wednesday night).
  • Required Board Meeting (usually held Thursday through mid-afternoon).
  • Attend Breakfast at Chapter Leadership Institute (with Chapter vice-presidents) usually held Friday morning.

2. Attend Winter Board Meeting (usually held prior to Winter Conference in the same location as the Winter Conference). This includes attendance at the following events:

  • Optional Informal Board Reception (usually Wednesday night).
  • Required Board Meeting (usually all day Thursday).
  • Optional Board Dinner (usually Thursday night).
  • Optional attendance at Winter Conference (registration is complimentary).

3. Attend Board Meeting held before the annual Convention in the same location as the annual Convention is held. (usually in July) This includes attendance at:

  • Optional Informal Board Reception (usually Wednesday evening).
  • Required Board Meeting (usually Thursday and Friday before annual Convention Starts).
  • Optional Board dinner (usually Thursday night after day one of the Board Meeting).
  • Optional attendance at annual Convention (registration is complimentary).

Commitment to Board Participation

Board Members are expected to attend all official Board Meetings (refer to extract from NSA Bylaws below):

Section 6. Resignation or Removal - Any Director may resign at any time by giving written notice to the President, the Chief Executive Officer or to the Board of Directors. Such resignation shall take effect at the time specified in the notice, or if no time is specified, at the time of acceptance thereof as determined by the President or by the Board. Any member of the Board unable to attend a meeting shall advise the President as to the reason for the absence to be shared with the Executive Committee. If a Director misses two meetings for reasons not deemed by the Executive Committee as an emergency or extraordinary event, the Director shall be deemed to have resigned as a Director. A Director may be removed from office by a two-thirds (2/3) affirmative vote of the Directors present and voting at any regular or special meeting at which a quorum is present.